Golden Age Virtual Art Gallery

The Minhwa Art Association of Canada hosted a virtual course on minhwa specifically for Canadian seniors. Although the course was to take place in 2020, the then rising pandemic put our plans on hold.

Minhwa Canada rose up to challenge and changed the entire programming to be fully online. We faced several barriers and some seniors were not digitally savvy. However, with careful planning, training and practicing, the digital barrier was no longer a hinderance but instead turned into a new skill and for senior.

Visit the online exhibition of our participant’s work at our new virtual gallery website:

제 1 회 민화캐나다 회원전

Come join us on November 1st until November 8th for Minhwa Canada’s first Canadian exhibition. Featuring 11 local artists, this exhibition will showcase a wide variety of paintings and their representation to its meaning in the minhwa world.

An opening reception is at 6:00 pm on November 1st at 4169 Bathurst St. (Russian House Toronto). Food and drinks will be provided also we will host mini workshops!