Minhwa Canada brings Asian Folk Art Courses to Toronto, Canada from artist and instructor, Min Soo Kim.

Minhwa, Korean Folk Painting from Chosun Dynasty (15-19th century), is a unique art form only developed in Korea, which is created and appreciated by common people. Unlike Ink Painting, Minhwa was drawn by the demands of people. Therefore it is strongly related to people’s lives wishing good luck, long life and expelling evil spirit. It also shows humour and wit of Korean people, which is one of the main characteristics found in Korean art.

This course aims to help students understand unique identity and creativity of Minhwa. They will also explore the vibrant and colourful world of Minhwa, which are relatively less recognized compared to Ink painting. Students at any age and artistic level will learn basic techniques of traditional Korean colour painting by first creating a replica of their favourite Minhwa painting. Materials and techniques include working with mulberry paper, Korean ink, Korean colour powder and watercolour and Korean brush. All materials are included in courses and may be purchased at class if desired.


저희 민화방 수업내용


  • 그림에 대한 경계심을 없애주기 위하여 부채 그리기를 시작으로 하여 호작도, 모란도,연화도 순으로 진행됩니다.
  • 붓 잡는 법과 기본적인 선 구사 및 색채에 대해 익숙해지는 시간을 가질수있는 호작도,
  • 바림기법과 농담 조절로 꽃과 꽃잎에 깊이감을 익히는 모란도,
  • 여러번의 바림과정을 통해 농담표현을 더욱 깊이있게 익힐수있는 연화도 순으로 나아갑니다.


기초반의 수업 과정을 토대로 책가도

  • 책가도는 많은 선들이 사용되므로 선 연습 하기에 무척 좋은 과정이며
  • 효,제,충,신,예,의,염,치 등의 문자 안에 먹과 색으로 각종 문양을 그려 넣는 문자도를 그려봅니다.


  • 이 모든것을 기초로 나만의 창작민화를 시도해 봅니다.

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